March 3, 2001

Sorry about the hold-up, folks.

Thanks for all the emails.

July 28, 2001

Hey, folks. I'm still around. I've settled into my new apartment, and even made my own curtains. However, I'm still suffering from a bout of creative block. I've tried all sorts of salves, from herbal teas to non-dairy whipped cream, but found nothing yet effective for lubricating the mind.

But I'm still working on it. And your encouraging e-mails have helped a lot (thanks). If you like, you can sign-up for the Skinny Panda by E-mail list and receive an e-mail notification once the site starts updating again. Then you can unsubscribe if you wish. I don't take little things like that personally. I'm made from stronger giblets.

Adieu, mein crew.

December 4, 2001

Well, it took a year, but here you go: new Skinny Pandas.

I promise to write more next week. But right now, I am oh, so very sleepy... I lay me down...

Thanks for being so patient. And thanks for all the emails. This wouldn't have happened without them.

December 10, 2001

Off the top of my head, the only change I've made this year is in my television viewing. While I've missed practically every episode of "The View" these past several months, I do make the effort to keep my Tuesday night appointment with those adoringly pretentious "Gilmore Girls." What can I say? They grew on me.

But, hey, I did finally meet "The View's" Lisa Ling a couple of months ago. I was a volunteer waiter at a fundraising dinner and had the chance to serve her beer-battered calamari with a lime remoulade. That was pretty much the extent of our encounter. No words, just squid.

And finally, congratu-birthdations go out to my younger brother, Eugene, who just turned the big two-five. Like a steak at Peter Luger, you are rare and well-aged.

December 17, 2001

Sorry I've been tardy in replying to your emails. Usually, I try to wait until I feel perky and witty before sitting down to send messages, but last week had me exhaustipated and poopified (yes, poopified!).

It's the Happy Smurfday triple threat again: Lexi, Joonus and Emilia She'll-keel-ya were all born on December 15. So If you know it... show it.

And finally, Skinny Panda will be off for the first half of next week as I'll be up in Boston visiting mis mamas y papas fritas.

Till then, have a happy holiday.

And be coo', foo'.

December 23, 2001

Because I'm switching hosts right now, the handy email forms beneath each strip aren't working right now. For now, please send me regular emails via this address. Thanks.

December 27, 2001

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season. I just returned from Boston where I cleaned up, baby: sweaters, socks and underwear from the parents, Handspring and PS2 game from the brother, Eugene. It was like Christmas in December.

And speaking of Handsprings, now that I'm a new member of the Palm club, if anyone has any favorite apps or sites I should know about, please give it up.

And speaking of emailing me, please note that the email forms at the bottom of each page don't work right now. I've recently changed my host server and so my CGI script konked out. Until I can fixify it, you're gonna have to write me the old fashioned way: tattoo it on your head.

December 31, 2001

I just realized that I've yet to make a New Year's resolution... hm.... okay, I've made one. But I suppose I can't tell you what it is. I'll give you a hint, though: it involves hubba hubba (*blush*).

Unfortunately, those quick email forms under each strip don't work yet. I'm still wrestling with the scripts. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please don't stop the luvin'.

And if you know June, you'll be happy to know that she's in town this week. Drop me a line. We'll chill. Just don't ask about her dissertation (it'll make her barf).

Have a great New Year's folks. Be safe.

Like it? Dislike it? Just want to say “hi”?
May 19, 2008

Hi, kids.

Sorry for the inconsistency with the posts. I am trying to stick to a M-W-F schedule. However, getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is a high priority these days.

When Skinny Panda first started nine years ago (PUNG!), I had no problem getting through the workday on 3 hours of sleep. But now that I'm old and crusty, I need at least seven or else my gizzards fall out.

So why did I decide to "go color" these past few weeks even though it adds hours to the process? Ho ho ho... stop asking silly questions, you silly munchkin...

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