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October 14, 1999

[Like a moron, I didn’t think of archiving messages till later. So it looks like this inaugural message is lost forever. Sigh.]

October 18, 1999

I am deeply indebted to the lot of you who dropped by last week. I received many kind e-mails about the site (and birthday wishes!). Some were from people I've spoken to only briefly and some were from folks I haven't spoken to in years! I feel like one of those alumni class officers.

I finally found that missing page 7 from the Charlie collection. It was under my neighbor's dog. I forgot I left it there last month. Silly Phil!

Anyhow, I hope this week makes up for the dreadful drawing effort of last week. I apologize to those of you who were expecting more. But really, you ought to know better than that.

October 25, 1999

Week 3. It's been quite an arduous lesson in self-discipline. I'm starting to see little Skinny Pandas floating around in my Cocoa Krispies. They look happy, but it's still distracting.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Penelope. She'll be back some time in the future. But I figured that this week should be a Skinny Panda week (he really didn't get the proper introduction yet).

Once again, thanks for your e-mails. Please don't hesitate to e-mail again when you have the chance. I enjoy reading every one.

Well, except for the ones I have to forward to ten people or else risk bad luck for eternity. Those get me stressed.

November 1, 1999

In case any of youz all happen to see me in the near future, please be forewarned that I might be acting a bit spacey. The reason why? No reason.

Wait, actually the reason is that I haven't been able to maintain a regular work and sleep schedule lately. I've been going to bed anywhere from 2am to 7am.

What makes it worse is I can't sleep into the afternoon like I used to (is this the same for everyone over 25?). So I always end up waking up at 11am to watch "The View". I really like that show. There, I said it.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the new characters this week (although they're not really that new, are they? Hmm...).

November 8, 1999

I just watched the season premiere of "The X-Files" and now I'm thoroughly confused. Something about Mulder being left speechless from a debilitating hernia while Scully's being pursued by an agnostic sherpa. Anyhow, serves me right for missing most of last season.

Speaking of continuing serials, we now continue last week's story with a bit of startling news (not about Choochy -- that was a one-time thing).

Oh, and to the person who anonymously emailed regarding one of last week's episodes with a simple, yet sarcastic, "Awwwww," please step forward so you can take your beating like a true dorkface.

November 15, 1999

Week six and I'm still not getting to bed at a decent hour. In fact, it's 3:41am right now as I type (I don't mean to whine -- just thought you might be curious). I have these herbal sleeping pills that someone gave me, but I'm hesitant to take them since he's warned me that they taste like squid feces.

Would someone please start a campaign to get Felicity to grow her hair back? This new close-cropped look leaves me clammy. For those of you unfamiliar with Felicity, the official site describes her as such: "She is affected by everything and everyone. Nothing is trivial for Felicity." Yeah. My new role model.

By the way, do you think I should update the sketch to the left? Skinny Panda doesn't really look like that anymore, does he?

November 22, 1999

Here's a little-known factoid about Thanksgiving: Due in part to their long journey in cramped quarters across the Atlantic, every one of the Pilgrims had contracted gonorrhea. Hence, it was their idea to put stuffing inside the turkey (okay fine, it's not true, and that made no sense).

I'll be making the trip up to Newton in a few days so this will be a short Skinny Panda week. To make up for it, I've added some extra strips to the Specials section, Captain Warble & Friends. While these strips are a bit gross and quite stupid, there are still elements in each that make me chuckle. If you're acquainted with June and/or Mark, you might get some extra enjoyment from them.

November 29, 1999

While I was at home for the holidays I found an old journal that I had kept during my junior year in college. Last night I spent three hours reading it cover-to-cover. I had forgotten a lot of the events that happened, making it actually quite suspenseful to read at times.

What I can't believe I had forgotten is the range of the emotional highs and lows I went through at school. Days were either really, really good or really, really bad. Today, I just putter along in this foggy middle-ground. I can't decide which is better.

Oh, and back then I also made sure to jot down interesting factoids I came across in books and magazines. Like this one: Did you know that for ear mites, you should apply medication late in the evening when they are most active?

December 6, 1999

Just an FYI: when you're flipping through the past episodes, if there's one you particularly feel like commenting on, just use the quick e-mail form below the strip. The e-mail I receive will automatically contain the title of the strip you're referring to.

Here's another factoid from my college journal that I got from some magazine: "Serial numbers and scan codes are determined with safety and correctional measures in mind. The last number is usually a check number to make sure that the previous numbers were read correctly and in the correct order."

December 13, 1999

In case you were looking to discover some other comic strips (God forbid), three good sites to go to are the San Jose Mercury News, where you can find almost all of the major syndicated strips, bigpanda.net (no relation) [1/13/02 - now defunct?] where you can find some of the more popular internet strips, and Salon Magazine, which has a few interesting weekly strips.

I haven't had the chance to look at all of the comic strips featured on these sites yet. Unfortunately, though, I haven't found one I really like yet. If any of y'all find a good one, please tell me, because I'm looking hard for inspiration.

December 20, 1999

That holiday feeling finally hit me, just for a minute, this past Saturday. You know what I mean, right? That feeling where you get the idea that everyone is acting a bit nicer, a bit more patient. Someone should bottle that stuff.

Anyhow, it's TV week for Skinny Panda. And in case any of you knows someone at the FOX network, would you please voice my demand that Griffin from "Party of Five" get his own show? Just imagine... "On the next 'Griffin', Griffin meets the son he never knew he had..." That would be a hoot.

Okay. Happy holidays, folks. And wear a hat.

December 27, 1999

Well, I hope you're all enjoying your little holiday season. I went home this past weekend and helped my parents install their first computer. If they're watching right now: Mom & Dad, I forgot to tell you, if the mouse pointer stops working for over 3 minutes, just unplug the computer and plug it in again. Do NOT throw the computer in the garbage.

I got a little help last week with the TV show strips. So I want to send thanks out to Mark, Christine, Twig and Sandra (and possibly Alex -- that's under discussion).

Anyhow, have a good New Year's. And if Y2K kills my site, I can count on you all to act as witnesses in my lawsuit, yes?

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Like it? Dislike it? Just want to say “hi”?
May 19, 2008

Hi, kids.

Sorry for the inconsistency with the posts. I am trying to stick to a M-W-F schedule. However, getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is a high priority these days.

When Skinny Panda first started nine years ago (PUNG!), I had no problem getting through the workday on 3 hours of sleep. But now that I'm old and crusty, I need at least seven or else my gizzards fall out.

So why did I decide to "go color" these past few weeks even though it adds hours to the process? Ho ho ho... stop asking silly questions, you silly munchkin...

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